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Embedded Consultants LLC
Address: 141 Saratoga Dr. Lawrenceville, Georgia 30044
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Custom Services

This lists some of the many services that we have performed:


  • Repair of older satellite industry equipment (VSAT, ACU's, protection switches, M&C, etc.) for which support can no longer even be obtained by the original manufacturer.  If we can't fix it, you don't pay our labor.  So what do you have to lose?  (Contact us for details.)
  • Satellite Industry M&C (Monitor and Control) Systems.  Our M&C systems are fully compatible with many existing DKET (Deployable Ku-Band Earth Terminals) used by the US Military.  We also offer a Palm/Pocket-PC based user interface.  In fact we were the first company to offer a Pocket PC based M&C user interface (this reliable design pre-dates the Microsoft .NET architecture), in addition to the usual desktop user interface and rack mounted equipment interface! 
  • Custom control systems (i.e. SCADA, Energy Management, Process Control, Water Treatment, Satellite Industry M&C, etc.).
  • Custom microprocessor based hardware development for your custom product using MIPS, PIC, Rabbit 3000, 8051, 68HC11, and 80x86 family microprocessors (to name a few)
  • Custom programming for your high level software product for Windows, Unix, Pocket PC, Palm OS, DOS, or custom firmware platform
  • Custom microprocessor based front-panel and/or user-interface for your existing product
  • Custom C, C++, BASIC, or Assembly Language firmware development for your embedded processor
  • Custom development of your product based upon:  discrete control logic, relay logic, microprocessor, and/or Op-Amp circuitry
  • Maintenance of your existing firmware or software
  • Porting of your existing Visual Basic Version 6.0 or earlier software to Visual Basic .NET
  • Upgrade or redesign of your existing hardware design
  • Field personnel for your project.





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